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The Story of Us..

Let’s attempt to find the best Negroni in the city and get lost in laughter at a comedy show. I can show you my local bakery that makes the most delicious pastries and has perfected the art of a latte.. Let’s enjoy each other in the morning or early afternoon and walk around the lake, even better - take me to the gym or a yoga class with you and watch me in my element. Shall we experience what Minneapolis nightlife has to offer? A show at the Guthrie, delectable wine at Italian Eatery, or pull tabs and a Budweiser at the local hole in the wall. 
. . .
I’ve milked cows and crashed 4-wheelers, dropped a line in too many lakes to count. Spent endless summers on Lake Minnetonka and at the Cabin. I’ve lost and found myself meditating in Monasteries in Thailand and Myanmar, witnessed the Great Barrier Reef with my fingertips, washed my dust covered clothes in a bucket in India and participated in once in a lifetime culinary experiences. I am a true explorer, intrepid and adaptable to my core. Let’s keep exploring this beautiful planet we call home - I know I’m no where near finished yet.

 Short & sweet, but not a moment wasted. 

1 hr - 500
1.5 hr - 700
2 hr - 900
3 hr - 1,200
4 hr - 1,500

Let me truly introduce myself.
Extended dates for established relationships only. 

​6 hr - 2,000
8 hr - 2,400
Overnight up to 14 hours - 3,200
(7 hours of sleep required)
A Whole Damn Day  - 4,200
(Please allow 1-2 hours of personal recharge time)


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